Thursday, June 22, 2017

Interview: "My whole life is for Sweden" - Crown Princess Victoria talks about her personal life.

Photo: Jonas Ekströmer
The interview was done on a glassed-in veranda facing the private part of the garden behind the palace. From here you can see the gravel path and into the sandbox on the playground, where the aunts of the Crown Princess - the Haga Princesses - played in childhood.

What did you feel after returning to Haga?
It was something very special for me, I did not have the opportunity to meet my grandparents, so when I moved to Haga, I learned a lot about what was important to them, what was important for their children - it's incredible. It seems that I'm getting closer to them, trying to find out.

How do you combine your activities with the role of the mother of a 5-year-old girl and a one-year-old baby?
I have many responsibilities, but I want to be a really good mother, real, I also want to be a mother who is a role model, and I admit that it's not easy to do. Unfortunately, I miss many important moments of my children's life. To those people who want to carefully monitor them to take care of them and educate them themselves. I watch them, and often record their small victories and undertakings.

The king once expressed the hope that you would be "a mother and care for your family" as long as possible, before it's time to take on his responsibilities.
"It's a different time now, not the same as before, I'm often at home, they're still young, and I still need them very much. With age, when they grow up, it can change." Oscar is very calm. "Quietly calm. He is calm and respectful of people and loves his older sister. Estelle is very cheerful, loves people, she's self-confident and has a great sense of humor and she is very caring"

Photo: Jonas Esktrömer
Tell us about the day after the terrorist attack, when you came to Drottinggatan to pay tribute to the victims.
"I felt great sorrow, all of Stockholm, all of our society, plunged into it, it was an attempt to hit us, but we showed that we can be a united backgammon, take part in the universal sorrow."

How did you cope with anorexia?
"It was a hard period, I was lost for a long time, nothing unusual at that age, I'm grateful that I got help because it's not so easy to get out of that situation when you feel very bad."

How do you find harmony within yourself?
"I'm not a closed person, I feel much better when I'm on the street. So for me it means a lot - to get out, enjoy a walk or run, walk with the kids. "

One day you will have to sit on the throne.
"My whole life is for Sweden It may seem pretentious, but I feel it, it's true, I see my parents and their tireless work, and I notice with joy how they do it, with never-ending interest. I hope that I can experience the same joy at their age."

What are your plans after the 40th anniversary?
"Aaa ... It flows fast enough, I do not feel like a 40-year-old, but Princess Lillian always said that you are who you feel, in that case she's right, because I do not feel that I'm 40. Right now I'm ready to begin my summer vacation!"

Photo: Jonas Ekströmer


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