Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Interview: Queen Silvia talks about being a grandmother with BUNTE.

Photo: Dana Press

She is a Queen of touch: Silvia of Sweden (72) at the birthday reception of their daughter on Solliden Palace patiently shakes hands of visitors, poses for selfies with children and sings a birthday song for Victoria (38) with the amount. Two days before she had shown a similar attitude at the opening ceremony of the great horse show CHIO in Aachen. With her husband Carl Gustaf (70) she visited the "Swedish Village" on the tournament course, talked to Swedish entrepreneurs and active athletes in the stable.Even during the interview with BUNTE, the Queen acts approachable and very friendly. When the reporter tells her that she came from the Heidelberg area as the Queen also, they immediately fell into the typical Palatine singsong: "Hajo! Look! Isch of nätt! "

Majesty, you were born in Germany, but are in Aachen as a representative of Sweden. Where do you feel at home? 

That's an interesting question that I would like to answer with the following comparison: I think that if you get the first child, then you love it very much. And then you suddenly get the second child and one wonders: Is it possible to love the second just like the first? And suddenly you have a third child. But can you split your heart in three equal parts? I think so! And so it is with my own feelings. I grew up in Brazil, in Germany I spent my teenage years and then I came to Sweden. I love Germany, my roots, my father's country. Naturally! But I also love Brazil because my mother was Brazilian and I went to school there. Now I live in Sweden, have three children and five grandchildren - Swedish children. And my husband is Swedish. It is understandable that I also love Sweden! 

Many Germans are fascinated with the Swedish Royal Family. How do you explain our fascination with your family? 
Hm. You better ask the Germans. For me, it's hard to explain. But the bond between Germany and Sweden has always been very large, especially the familiar one: think of Princess Sibylla of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, my husband's mother. Or Queen Victoria of England. 

Do you speak German well at home? Have your grandchildren learned German? 
They're too small yet. But the Crown Princess speaks very good German. Madeleine and Carl Philip are shy, but of course they understand the language. And the grandchildren? Each language they learn, is a door to the world. It is also much more convenient when you can speak several languages. 

What do your grandchildren call you then?
 Moder Moder. Moder means mother. Moder Moder means grandmother. Or Farmor. That's said, if one is the paternal grandmother. In Swedish, one always knows exactly when you're called grandmother. 

2016 was another eventful year for your Royal Family: You have become twice a grandmother, celebrated your 40th wedding anniversary, Victoriadagen now and in autum the christening of your grandson Alexander. Everything seems more like a fairy tale. Appearances are deceptive? 
It is both a fairy tale, but also a lot of work. We have an intensive program. The events doesn't begin at 9am and finish at 17 o'clock, but it is constantly something going on. It's interesting, really, for that I am my husband also very grateful because it is unlikely possibilities. Many trips, for example. But it is also a lot of work to prepare for it. In October we are especially pleased with the state visit to Germany for the second time for us! The first time we were in Bonn, now Berlin is the capital and Germany is very different. We actually visit the country privately sometimes. Whenever we travel to the south of France, we drive through Germany, stopping in different cities. Every time we take a different route. I can only recommend!

Those are insanely long car rides. Straining not do this to? 

Oh, my husband is an excellent driver. 

I heard he wanted to still view necessarily the Mercedes stand here on the show grounds... 
Quite possible. He loves cars. They have a few more horsepower. 

Your granddaughter Leonore seems fond of horses. Recently you could see on photos, as she visited her pony Haidi.
 Oh yeah! She loves them! She grooms them, feeds and dresses them. Whenever she can, she visits her pony. If it were up to her she would have liked to do so everyday. 

Your credo is: grandchildren are the dessert of life. Are you a pampering Omi? 
Well, there are sweets in Sweden for children on Saturdays only. This is followed by all hold. Dentists propagate this rule, of course, say that children are better on a day to eat as much as they want, and then good brushing, than to nibble everyday Sweet. Sometimes I ask the children: "Is today Saturday? "Then I say," No. "And then they say:". No? Oh, I'll wait. "That's no problem.



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